Konetos is an African microbusiness and social networking service on which users share photos, video and interact with one another. Registered user can create a business channel, Group chat and share life moment on konetos.

We are a major and one of our kind Africa Social business Networking website where people share their life moment with friends and family, business partners as well as customers to increase sells.
In today's era, you can find many social media apps and websites, but their primary and main focus is towards tracking you and selling your private data off to other organizations for more revenue.
Konetos promises full security of your data and complete privacy related to your information.
We promote a free environment where one can speak freely without being discriminated against religion, color, creed, race, or other factors.
At Konetos, we are more like a family than members, sharing and enjoying moments with one another


Bringing minds alike to build a better future through social interaction. We seek to build and not distruct.

Building a better environment for everyone to enjoy their social life without interferer.

Making privacy the foundation of today social networking experience.


We are not just another social network; we are Africa social Business Network. What does it mean? It means that we are more focused on networking with alike minds, sharing and trading information on the platform which does not discriminate, manipulate or have any political interest. We have zero tolerance on any negative media.