Tips to keep a relationship

Relationship remedy. This are the tips that worked for me, try it and thank me later.

It is said that; "Practice makes perfect". The more you practice the more you get it better and better. Do me what I do to you also do me what I do not do to you in that way I will also learn to do it better. In a relationship whatever the relationship is, one needs to employ certain traits to grow in it such are; 

  1. Respect
  2. Acceptance
  3. Loving
  4. Honest
  5. Accommodation. However, the focus here would be in a sexual relationship where normally two parties are concerned. For an individual to have a successful relationship or to keep it must employ the following: 1. Respect for other- You need to respect your partner as much as you want to be respected. For you to be able to respect him/her start by self-respect.  Intergrity/Honesty- intergrity is being honest to yourself or being honest even when there is no one seeing you. Learn to be truthful towards yourself and partner even if it hurts it won't always be nice time nice things. Mistakes are there and are meant to be committed.  No Cheating- cheating is not a mistake or accident but it is by choice. Problem solving - see a problem and together brainstorm ways of solving it before it escalate. Try to apply those few traits in your relationship then Thank me later.