Let Teachers be Teachers and Celebrities be Celebrities

STEM Digital school program announced that Celebrities and Influencers taking on the STEM Lockdown Digital school.

STEM is an acronym of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM Digital school program it is a program designed to keep up with the school work during the lockdown by reaching out to pupils. Most of People involved in the program are the Celebrities and Influencers. And One of those is "Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo". However, the program is responsible for learning initiatives and digital teaching. 

Mohale confirmed that he has a passion in teaching because he comes from a family of Academia's where his family comprises of educated individuals. He also disclose that even though teaching it is his passion but he is not seeing himself pursuing it as a career. 

People like Mohale are coming forward to disrespect the profession. Why do something if you do not have love for it, but in the name of so called "passion". Passion comes with its package when it comes to education. If we are to do things according to our passions but not seeing ourselves pursuing it? Why can't we be free to be whatever we want. Let's us be Doctors, lawyers, Engineers, Pilots without qualifications because we all have Passion on.

Teachers should be Teachers and Celebrities be Celebrities. You cannot make someone's job a hobby when it suits you because you are rich. Let the rich respects the poor as they are respected by the poor.  What does this program send a message to the young upcoming generations? How will one have an interest in pursing the education course if there will be insulted? That is not fair. 

People have spent over 4 years on their study programme just to be undermined like this? Educators are also affected in the lockdown and their lives are at stake. Why can't the department use this opportunity to let the Teachers develop themselves and prepare themselves for the fourth industrial revolution. There are young teachers who have the necessary skills to fully operate within the 21st Century. Whereby some of them are unemployed.  Who can provide the good teaching practices on the program. The inequalities of the past between Working class and The Capitalist are still on existence. Methodologies are important for someone to indulge in the teaching activity.

How can our train move forward like these? Then the Bill of Rights have to be amended . Section 9 never exist amongst citizens. Let's respect and build the legacy our forefathers succeeded to us, it is a succession anyone would wish to have. South Africa let's hold hands and fight against inequalities. Meanwhile we #StayHome #BeSafe