The Players' Choice Crate aims to bring back the Rocket League

The Players' Choice Crate aims to bring back the Rocket League


In addition, players can now vote in a poll to decide which items will be included in the next Players' Choice Crate. The Players' Choice Crate aims to bring back the Rocket League community's favorite cosmetic items from previous crates, and this time around Psyonix is asking you to vote for which items you'd like to see.

You can vote in the poll here, on the Rocket League Credits website.The Players Choice crate will likely refresh this Sunday (November 18) after voting concludes, meaning that any Players Choice crates currently in your inventory will have their contents changed to reflect the voting results.Hopefully, with double painted drops and the players' favorite items in the new Players' Choice crate, you'll have great odds to unbox your favorite cosmetics painted how you like.

Three years after word-of-mouth buzz and a PlayStation Plus promo launched Psyonix little-known indie game into millions of homes, Rocket League premise remains thankfully undiluted in its joyous, well-honed simplicity.

It still all about cars playing soccer (football), except the ball is enormous and the cars can cruise along the walls and briefly onto the ceiling. More excitingly, they can also boost into the air acrobatic passes and sensational shots. And when the ball hits the net, it explodes with a dazzling array of color and sound?or a bevy of party balloons and cheering children, a field-soaking surge of fruit chunks and juice, or even a dabbing Grim Reaper.

Rocket League keeps steering harder into absurdityhere now a flaming T-Rex goal explosion from Jurassic World, by the wayut the core focus on a tight five minutes of frenzied, high-octane antics is luckily intact. What changed is the level and quality of play found within those minutes, as well as the ever-expanding variety of options built around the standard soccer-inspired experience.