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During the weekend of Path of Exile: Harvest League release, Path of Exile reached a peak player concurrency of 231,130. Today, it is still the top 10 concurrent players on Steam. Grinding Gear Games is progressing smoothly with the recent leagues they introduced. Since the announcement of PoE 2 at ExileCon in November, the player base of PoE has begun to grow substantially. I won’t lie, since ExileCon last year, I’ve played PoE more than ever.

Complex and complex games such as PoE may not be easy to master, but once completed, it is worth spending some time on the Wiki making YouTube videos for PoE beginners. As I learned the game's production skills and found a good way to build, Harvest followed. I just hope that Harvest's many mechanisms will help build a deeper production system in POE 2.

Basically, Harvest is a farm where you can slaughter enemies from the planted seeds. Enemies will drop POE Currency loot and higher-level seeds to plant them again. Once you plant higher-level seeds, you just have to wait for the seeds to mature and then kill them again in order to get better loot or even higher-level seeds. You can harvest three layers of seeds and three types of seeds.

The seed is the beginning of your adventure in the Harvest League. Getting seeds and harvesting is a fun mini-game that is very beneficial. Not only will you get POE Currency and loot from monsters killed in the harvest; you can make modifiers for your equipment to make it super awesome. Using the remaining harvest, you can gather vitality and get a better return for the next harvest and the harvest of higher-level seeds.

The Harvest Alliance not only provides a powerful production system, but the Delirium Alliance has also permanently changed some of the core mechanisms of PoE. It's nice to see that the alliances are now building up with each other and will not be thrown to the roadside when the new alliance starts. During harvesting, you can still encounter deli mirrors. Although Path of Exile is currently the most powerful ARPG on the market, it is a pleasure to see that the game has transformed from the previous league. I hope most of Harvest will enter the next league. In all the leagues I participate in, Harvest brings a lot of game mechanics, which is crucial for the future of the game. I hope this is a mechanism that will be widely used in PoE 2.

Both Delirium and the Harvest Alliance proved to me that Grinding Gear Games is on the right path in terms of PoE 2 and a better future. I am very excited about Path of Exile, the future league and the future of PoE 2. For me, the Harvest League brings a key mechanism to the game, and I think it needs to become more comprehensive. If you need POE Xbox Currency and you don’t have time to get it in the game, I think you can get it in POECurrency just like me. This is a very professional website and I recommend it to you!