Why POE Heist has been loved by so many players since its launch

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Since POE has been in development for so many years, Heist is the first update in the game to introduce new item slots. Trinkets are specifically used to increase the rewards of looters. The trinkets will not change the body of the players but will only provide a small help to the players during the robbery. For example, trinkets can make damaged items fall 15% and increase the rarity of items by 26%. It would be great to see different modifiers on new items in the game. Players can finally get more POE Currency with its help.

With the launch of the Heist update, there will be more gems with alternative qualities. As the players predicted before, there are about 900 gems left. The difference between players who take part in ordinary heist and Grand Heists is the number of thieves that can carry, which is 1 and 3 at most. After the action begins, players can see what kind of help they can provide for the action. If it is not enough, players can add new heist enhancements to weapons and armor. Enhancement is a special modifier type that does not occupy modifier slots. There are about 15 new enhanced themes, but there are still some changes that will affect their functionality. They can also extend these enhancements. The construction possibilities of Heist are incredible.

The POE Heist League is the first unique game system where you can get certain rewards before the mission is over. They can also explore new world regions while acting. Almost all aspects of Heist are itemized and tradable. Players can trade precious items and contracts and blueprints and Rogue equipment. If they don’t want to play Grand Heists, they just need to trade the previously earned income with other players. The new AI system allows them to defend an area in an organized way.

It bases everything on the players’ careful action plan, smart mind and currency reserves. To be honest, if players don’t buy those POE Items helpful for the robbery, then the chances of success are not so high, and once they are caught by the guards, all the things previously stolen will disappear. This shows it is still very important for them to Buy Path of Exile Currency. Come on!