If they are not so sad, then 3 Madden 21 glitches will be fun

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Since its release, "Madden 21" has been plagued by glitches, and although many of them seem interesting, things are not that interesting when the game is interrupted.

EA's Madden franchise is no stranger to Madden 21 Coins. Since the game transitioned from 2D sprites to 3D character models, the series has been plagued by strange random malfunctions. These failures usually produce humorous results, but when one of the failures leads to personnel turnover (or worse, losses), they suddenly become less offensive.

With the time and energy invested by EA in Madden games, people will think that these games will be perfect. After all, this is EA's flagship game series.

So you can turn back and start to go higher, or you can catch a circus and get out of coverage. A touchdown is guaranteed at this point, right? The defender was left behind, leaving only the open space in front of the ball holder. Not so fast. Without warning, a member of another team suddenly decided to run from the field and challenge your players. This caused many players to stare at their screens in disbelief as they eagerly waited for the referee to throw a yellow flag away. Do not. Hey, no sign, no punishment.

Although Madden 21 was released only recently, it is still notorious, even notorious. This failure usually occurs after choosing to play and breaking the barrier. When the game returns to the field of view, everything else becomes white except for the crowd in the stands and some field of view marks. The player becomes a wireframe model similar to a stick figure. If players attack, they need to prepare for the upcoming game. If in a defensive state, the player needs to pray for one of the teammates controlled by the computer to stop the game.

This situation often occurs in actual football matches. So maybe this is the expected function, but it may not. In the in-ball formation, the quarterback is located five yards behind the center and will malfunction, causing the ball to be raised above the quarterback's head. At best, this will result in the loss and collapse of at least ten yards; the chance of recovering from it and gaining a positive yardage is slim. Fortunately, Buy Madden 21 Coins may improve the odds.